Adriana Marina, the founder of animaná, was born in Patagonia, where she learned about natural fibres, how they are processed, the artisan vernacular and Andean culture. The fact that we allow our ancestral culture, secrets and arts become extinct has always astounded her, as well as the high level of poverty among inhabitants of the Andes.

Having obtained her PhD in Economics on issues such as local development among argentine regions, inequality convergence and poverty alleviation, Adriana decided to combine her life experiences and knowledge to create a social enterprise that offers an alternative to production, consumption and marketing models common today. This new model coexists happily with the environment, culture, knowledge, technology and modern lifestyles.

With these ideas in mind, animaná was created, promoting the revival of culture, arts and secrets of Patagonia and the Andes through fair trade, local development and the incorporation of added value to natural fibres of the region.

animaná has been shaped by a multidisciplinary group of academics, professionals, coordinators, managers, designers, artists and artisans; that is to say, this proposal is made by an exceptional team. The Animaná project was recognised by organisations that collaborate with social enterprises, such as BiDNetwork, Ashoka, UNESCO, Hecho x Nosotros, Ethical Fashion Forum (London) and Ethical Fashion Show (Paris), among others.

Dominique Peclers, founder of international consultancy Peclers Paris, has been collaborating with animaná since 2008. Committed to the project, she visited the Andes in 2010, where she met with communities, familiarizing herself with the animaná production process, from the shearing to the finished product.
Peclers also does assessment for animaná, offering her advice on the creation of the collection, contributing her invaluable experience and market relations.