A Sustainable Luxury

Each piece of garment that conform our collections, is timeless and classic, working in harmony with the principle of a “sustainable luxury”.


Our products reflect a philosophy that is independent of fashion fads and mainstream trends. A philosophy that instead, embodies our own set of values, influences and sources of inspiration, creating a style that is impossible to imitate.

Nature offers a unique beauty from within which we seek to preserve in our products by letting the fibers and natural colors in them speak for themselves. Since all items are crafted by local artisans using ancestral techniques, each piece is unique while always reflecting our standards of contemporary and sophisticated style.

Our brand spirit consists in combining ancient crafting techniques with modern aesthetics, putting great value on collaboration throughout our creative process.

Throughout our Center of Arts and Occupations for local artisans in Argentina, Perú and Bolivia, we generate social capital, an impulse to advance local development for the communities and their national and international market access. Our center, also works on innovation, design and the continuous evolution of our products. This center integrates artisans and contemporary theory on design philosophy by inviting academics, international designers and young professionals from all over the world to experience and enhance our culture and our vision. 


Animaná aims to share collections that are born with a subtle interchange of cosmopolitan life and modern style with the local culture of Patagonia and the Andes.

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