animaná Creativity and Design - A “simple luxury”

At animaná, our products reflect a philosophy that is independent of fashion fads and mainstream trends. They instead embody our own set of values, influences and sources of inspiration, creating a style impossible to imitate. For our timeless, classic collections we adhere to the principle of “simple luxury”. We feel that nature offers it’s own beauty, which we seek to preserve in our products by letting the fibers and natural colors speak for themselves in our finished home goods, garments and accessories. Since all items are crafted by hand by local artisans using ancestral techniques, each piece is unique while always reflecting our standards of contemporary and sophisticated style. In this manner all animaná collections are born -- with a subtle interchange of cosmopolitan life and modern style with the local culture of Patagonia and the Andes.
We respect the local culture all across the Andes. Each community upholds a unique history and culture, and each one has access to different natural fibers. Due the rich variety of cultural heritages and resources available in each local region, every community has their own way of crafting pieces to adorn themselves and their homes. Each has their own unique method of spinning by hand, operating a hand loom and fabricating finished pieces. This diversity gives animaná an exclusive array of materials, textures and products.
Our founder and director, Adriana Marina, was born in Patagonia with sheeps and guanacos and learned from the local culture and by observing nature. She has lived all over the world, and thus is able to impart design direction with a combined view of contemporary style and attitude and local Patagonian values and traditions. Dominique Peclers, founder of the world renowned international brand Trend as well as Peclers Paris -- a style and innovation consultancy group -- met Adriana in 2008 and from then has been collaborating with animaná. Dominique performs assessments for animaná, offering her advice on the creation of the collection, thus selflessly contributing her invaluable experience and marketing savvy to our ideology. Dominique and Adriana have travelled together throughout the Andes and there met with over 50 communities, which influenced much of the design of animaná’s collection.
In keeping with our spirit of combining ancient crafting techniques with modern aesthetics, we place a great value on collaboration throughout our creative process. We have launched and developed the Centre of Arts and Occupations for local artisans in many cities throughout Argentina, Peru and Bolivia -- the first of which houses our engine for innovation, design and the continuous evolution of our products. This center integrates artisans and contemporary theory on design philosophy by inviting academics, international designers and young professionals from all over the world to experience and enhance our culture and our vision. Many designers, such as Mariela Oliva, Pedro Borquez, Humberto Juarez, Silvia Quattrocci, Paula Belsola Ferrer, Ines Ayerza, Suzie Hall, Mathilde Georget and many others, have worked locally with our artisans.
Once a new blanket, poncho or scarf design is conceived by our co-op of creatives, a sample is hand crafted and then reviewed by our internal team to ensure the quality, aesthetic and feel meet our luxury standards. After any necessary adjustments are made, production is begun through our network of local expert artisans. We utilize a local chain of production, and we maintain key checkpoints of strict quality control at central points near the Andes. Each finished, unique product is then carefully packaged and ready to be incorporated into your own stylish wardrobe or home.