animaná Hecho x Nosotros at UN - CSW 61th Session

The 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) was organized from 13 to 24 March 2017, addressing as its priority theme ‘Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work’ and as a focus area/emerging issue the ‘Empowerment of indigenous women’. Hecho x Nosotros was selected to deliver an oral intervention at an Interactive Dialogue on Empowering Indigenous Women, where we presented the work of Hecho x Nosotros and social enterprise animaná.

Oral Statement:
“Hecho x Nosotros seeks to empower indigenous women with an integrated approach. We start with an appreciation of the traditions of women artisans working with textiles that are their heritage. We aim to protect the cultural heritage and intellectual property that traditional patterns represent and raise awareness of the value of artisan products.
Reaching these goals leads to positive socio-economic change. We bring ancestral skills and contemporary styles, to international markets. The work of Hecho x Nosotros has enhanced economic opportunities for indigenous women, enabling them to participate in the economic life and decision-making of their communities
Together with Animaná, a social enterprise, our network of producers, designers, pattern-makers, professors, groups and individuals are showing what can be done through workshops with an integrated approach targeting both social and economic issues:
  1. Help artisans reach national and international markets.
  2. Recover traditional techniques.
  3. Enhance women’s self esteem and decision making capacity and prepare them for leadership positions in their communities
With respect of the artisans and their skills Hecho x Nosotros strives to improve the lives of artisans by linking their creativity to the fashion business – from producers, farmers, spinners of yarns, retailers, and consumers. Hecho X Nosotros is proud to be working together with the UN towards the economic empowering of indigenous women. Only by working together we can reach the necessary goals of Agenda 2030. We firmly believe the time has come for us together to start listening”