The fashion industry plays a huge role in our societies and cultures, but also shows two very contradictory faces: glamor and beauty, yet slavery and pollution.
The world (and consumers) have a challenge. We need to look back to nature & evolve as human beings. We deeply believe that the time has come to start listening.
Through animaná our goal is to create an alternative production process in an industry which we understand has a huge potential impact yet to be discovered.
animaná is the union between thousands of hands working together to build a safer process that respects human and natural resources in the world. We know that success will only be achieved if we all work together with passion. Our goal is to think more innovative, act more consciously, and, in general, be better global citizens. We work together for the common good, considering customers, employees, artisans and the environment in every decision we make.
If you want to take part of our diverse (and ever expanding) international team, please send us an e-mail to We will be more than happy to welcome you.