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"Patagonia-born Adriana Marina is the driving force behind Animanà. Her inherent fascination for the beauty of natural fibers from Cordillera of the Andes grew over the years. She founded Animanà as an attempt to revive and strengthen the skills of local craftsmen adept at working with guanaco, alpaca, vicuna, llama and merino yarns.

The brand is firm about not using  chemicals or synthetics, so the fibers retain their natural properties. The alpaca, llama and guanaco fibers tend to keep you warm when cold and release heat when the temperature goes up.

Animanà’s modern ponchos, scarves and shawls are organic; made of natural fibers. And to add a splash of colour, the brand uses only traditional vegetable dyes from the Andes.

Ancient Argentine techniques are behind the designs, and Adriana says: “Animaná products – sometimes spun by hand, always woven or hand-knitted – strive to renew ancient techniques. Our biggest challenge is to treasure the traditional methods whilst adapting to modern designs. Through collaborations with fashion consultant Dominique Peclers, Animaná has created its own style and contemporary design, along with truly timeless pieces.”"