Our Team

The artisans

We work with producers of natural fibers and artisans from Patagonia all across Andes. Masters of the art that hold in their hands both wisdom and ancestral secrets. Messages transmitted within each piece they craft. The Patagonian and the Andean weavers are among the best in the world. Their goods fulfill everyday practical activities and also their artistic manifestations, are given as gifts for the gods and the sacred mountains. animaná seeks to work as an invisible connection between the Patagonian secrets and the Andes and the cosmopolitan places of the world. Our main purpose is to give a voice, to save a culture and the only way to do this, is to construct a bridge between them and you, the consumers.

Adriana Marina

ADRIANA MARINA is the founder of animaná. She was born in Patagonia. She is fully committed to sustainable production, economic development of local communities, relationships with the artisans from the Andes and Patagonia and education of sustainability in fashion through NGO Hecho x Nosotros and Foro Moda Etica Latinoamérica. After obtaining her PhD in Economics, Adriana concentrated on issues of local development, inequality and poverty alleviation, specifically the task of transforming scholastic theory into proactive action within this region. She launched animaná in TBD as a social enterprise focused on reviving the Patagonian and Andean culture.

Dominique Peclers

Dominique Peclers - Founder od Peclers Paris - ANIMANA team

DOMINIQUE PECLERS has been involved with animaná since the very beginning. Founder of the international brand Trend Peclers Paris, she has been collaborating with animaná since 2008. Fully committed to our project's vision, Dominique met with Adriana to visit the Andes in 2010 where she immersed herself with indigenous communities to familiarize herself with the production process. She continuously performs assessments for animaná, offering her advice on every collection.

Mateo Zambruno

MATEO ZAMBRUNO has been part of the animaná journey since the foundation, focusing on the operational and strategic development of the business and constantly pushing to improve processes and efficiency. He has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Industrial Engineering. He is passionate about businesses with a sustainable approach and places great value on their ability to influence everything that surrounds them socially, environmentally and economically.

Marcia Gitman

Marcia Gitman - ANIMANA team

MARCIA GITMAN has been working with animaná since 2013, managing the sales and commercial side of the business. Having studied Anthropology and Communication, she is fully committed to finding the best solution for clients and building long-term relationships. Marcia is an integral part of the development of animaná and if you want to a place an order, discuss commercial aspects or visit our showroom in Buenos Aires you will most likely talk with her.

Board of directors & advisors

FRANCISCO ELIZONDO has been a partner at animana since just after its foundation. After being introduced to animaná at a fundraising competition (the BiD challenge, in which we were granted support in 2009), he fell in love with the project and quickly after joined our leadership team. His involvement has been essential for the brand, acting as one of our main promoters and giving support to open our first boutique in Paris.


CRAIG WILSON is animaná’s branding strategy mentor. Founder of Compass and Nail, Craig is a leading authority on loyalty, brand development and direct marketing. Feeling a personal connection to our mission and values, he decided selflessly to help animaná by giving his guidance to our team for taking correct steps to further develop the brand. The combination of his knowledge with his deep belief in our principles makes his support invaluable.


MARIO KOEHLER has been a mentor of animaná from the initial business plan, giving strategic and financial advice. Founding partner of Orion Asociados, and with more than five years experience working in the Boston Consulting Group, Mario has vast experience in retail and business development. Based in Buenos Aires, he has been continuously supportive and willing to aid animaná in their expansion into international markets.