My name is Adriana Marina Founder of animaná. 

I was born in Puerto Santa Cruz in the Argentine Patagonia, where I was raised in an amazing place among sheep, horse rodeos, and the sound of nature in its purest form. Aiming to make a deep contribution with this vision of local development and globalization, I understand that the wide and complex universe of fashion and design has a huge impact yet to be discovered. We still need to understand and experience the gigantic role fashion plays in society. However, it shows two very contradictory sides: glamour and beauty, yet slavery and pollution. Looking back in history, we see that the origins of fashion portray the character of a world built by manual techniques and natural fibers. Design was carried out as a reflection of culture and society. These are images of an extinct world we need to recover.

The main characters in this image are the artisans. Masters of the art they hold in their hands contain wisdom, ancestral secrets, and messages that are transmitted within each piece they craft.
We firmly believe the time has come for us, as consumers, to start listening.

animaná is the invisible connection between the Patagonian secrets and the Andes, places that hold vitality, power, nature, and mystery, and the cosmopolitan cities of the world. Our goal is to create a social business, and to introduce an alternative productive process and consumption model for the fashion industry. The world needs to respect the processes of nature and the natural and human resources of the world, and animaná represents this union between thousands of hands working together to build a new model for a sustainable future.


Learn about our value chain in our Presentation video